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BOMAR ergonomic 320.250 DGSH BANDSÅGAR

A semi-automatic band saw with a heavy saw frame of vibration-proof cast alloy, with a powerful industrial engine and a spiral gearing running in an oil bath.

Precise hard metal saw band guides, saw head pivot embedded in pre-stressed conical bearings, a 27 mm saw band and a synchronic swarf brush are the prerequisites for excellent cutting performance. The front-handled, very simple and fast angle adjustment for cuts in the range of -45° to +60° and a quick-acting vice with hydraulic clamping provide for a broad application range. The machine is equipped with a big feed table providing a good basis also for short pieces. The frame lifting and the cutting feed have hydraulic drive. The cutting feed can be adjusted on the control panel. The machine is equipped with an automatic cutting pressure regulation system. A coolant equipment in the machine base, a big extractable swarf container with a dripping sieve (ecological disposal of dry swarf) and an adjustable 500 mm length stop with a releasing reverse stroke equipment that prevents material sticking while cutting belong to the standard equipment. A broad offer of accessories and options as roller conveyors and stops, minimum-amount lubrication system, Laser Liner, smooth speed regulation is available for this machine.

Optional eqipment:

  • Handling System M
  • Handling System D
  • Micronizer Standard
  • Micronizer 24V
  • Laser Liner Modul
  • Tenzomat


 Round profileRectangular profile BunchSquare profile
250 320 x 190 300 x 240 240 x 240
45° right 220 220 x 120 190 x 240 210 x 210
45° left 180 200 x 100 110 x 240 160 x 160

60° right

130 130 x 100 130 x 100 100 x 100

Technical data

Technical data



Main motor power


1,1 / 1,5 KW 400V / 50 Hz

Saw band speed



Saw band dimension



Samllest diameter



Shortest scrap length



Material laying height









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