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Main features

  • High Speed Cutting Line for High Tension Tubing (up to 120 kg / mm2), Stainless and Mild Steel Tubing
  • Automatic 6 Meters tube bundle loading and feeding system provides automation and convenience in cutting large amounts of tubes in sequence, suitable for high production environments
  • Suitable for both TCT Blades (for High Tension Tubing) and HSS Saw Blades (for standard tubing)
  • Electric Servo Controlled Feeding System
  • Electric Servo Controlled Cutting System
  • Magnetic Brake System for Powerful Gearbox + Saw Blade Holders for Cutting with TCT Saw Blades.
  • Two Length stoppers with Digital Readout display allows the operator to easily set and view the desired cutting lengths, as well as setting 2 different cutting lengths on the same tube.
  • Automatic Separation of Work Pieces for 2 different Cutting Lengths (one size to the front of the machine and one to the back)
  • Crop cuts (first and last) may be automatically separated from working pieces for greater convenience
  • SOCO i2® Control System with Touch Screen and Graphical Interface for cutting process editing, setup and file storage
  • SOCO i2® Control System enables the shortest setup time and diminishes human error, through its intuitive software with recommendation systems for Cutting Settings based on material specs and saw blade.
  • Inverter System allows a wide range of cutting speed adjustments for different types of sizes and materials
  • Short setup time when changing tube diameters (3 ~ 5 minutes for most sizes)
  • Ability to cut round, square and profile tubing, as well as both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Standard Accessories:

  • One 6 Meters Tube Bundle Loader (MB6)
  • One Speed (RPM) Inverter
  • One Magnetic Brake System for Gearbox
  • Two Length Stoppers + Two Digital Readouts
  • SOCO i2 ® Control System with Graphical Touch Screen Interface
  • One Toolbox with hand tools
  • One Operation Manual (English Edition)


ModelSA-76 NCSA-76 NC In-lineSA-76 NC + BDB 70
Cutting capacity [mm] Round tube 10-80 16~76 12.5~76
Square tube  10x10~70x70  - 12.5x12x5~70x70
Rectangular tube 15x10~80x70  - 15x10~80x70
Solid round bar  12-30  - -
Mn. lenght of cut [mm]   50  300
max. lenght of cut [mm]   2000/3000/4500  2000/3000
Programmable cutting length (Digital readout Stopper)  1or 2, NC stopper is avaible optional
Loading lenght [m]  3.0~6.5/8.5/12.5
Min. length between 2 stoppers [mm]  30
Sawing speed (m/min)  44~263
Feeding speed [RPM]  50~304
Saw blades [mm]  175~275
Feeding speed [m/s]  0.35~2.8
Coolant pomp power [kW]  3.75
Saw blade lubrication  Air-Oli Mist or Coolant Circulation
Main motor power [kW]  5.5
Max weight [kg], for length 3000 mm  SA-76NC 2500
MB6 1200

SA-76NC 2500
MB6 1200
TF-3 600
DEFFA 1900
CR-3 600

SA-76NC 2500
MB6 1200
BDB-70 4000


SpecificationBDB-70 (model3)DEF-FA/76-V3LM-3000STK-3000
Working capaccity mm Round tube 12,5 – 76 16 – 76 16 – 76 16 – 76
Square tube 12,5x12,5 – 70x70 ------- 12,5x12,5 – 70x70 12,5x12,5 – 70x70
Rectangular tube 15x10 – 80x70 ------- 15x10 – 80x70 15x10 – 80x70
Material length 300 – 3000 180 – 3000 300 – 3000 300 – 3000
Measuring tolerance -------- ---------- +/- 0,01 ------
Dimension 5900x2600x1500 2560x1220x1800 3950x1140x1290 4230x1540x1500
Weigth 5300 1470 1130 1030

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