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Eurometal Sp. z o.o. nie prowadzi sprzedaży osobom fizycznym, ani nie przetwarza danych osób fizycznych.




Machine and performance features:

  • Standard with Inverter for 30 – 120 RPM
  • Suitable for cutting various materials, from stainless steel to mild steel and copper
  • Error Display on Control Panel to offer friendly interface and easy troubleshooting
  • Vertical moving saw head, providing stable and precise cutting
  • Fully hydraulic system for cutting, feeding and clamping.
  • Backlash eliminating device to prolong saw blade life
  • Patented floating carriage to smoothen material handling
  • Rigid and reliable main vise, providing secure material holding
  • Automatic lubricating system to maintain ideal working conditions
  • Circulating cooling system produces smooth curting surfaces
  • PLC control circuit to simplify troubleshooting and operation
  • Centralized control panel that is easy to understand and operate
  • Electronic saw blade protection device for safe cutting
  • Maximum single stroke feed of 550 mm, with choice for up to 3 feeding strokes at one time 
  • Safety cover of saw blade to protect operator during operation
  • Quantity setting, counting and automatic stopping may be digitally set
  • Built-in chips tray for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy setting for tube feeding length with the assistance of digital read-out unit

Standard Accessories:

  • One standard cross clamping vise 
  • One digital readout unit
  • One set of hand tools
  • One copy of the operation manual
Technical DataFA111DRFA111NCFA127DRFA127NC
Cutting angle 900 90 90 90
Round pipe 114 114 127 127
Square tube 110x110 100x100 115x115 115x115
Solid round tube 75 75 90 90
Solid square tube 70x70 70x70 90x90 90x90
Multiple tubes/bars Optional Vtype clamping jaws.Maximum 9 pieces cutting capacity. (Depend on the tubes size)
Technical data FA111DR FA111NC FA127DR FA127NC
Main motor 5/4 5/3, 2/4
Arbor RPM (60HZ) 22-108 22-65
HSS Saw Blade size mm 250 – 370 300 – 400
Otwór tarczy 32 mm otwory pod kołki 2x 11 mm x 63
TCT Saw blade size mm CT  (+)  285 – 360 – na zamówienie
Fedding lenght - DR standard  - 10 – 600 mm x 1-3 times (max 1800mm) - DR  10 – 1000 mm x 1-3 razy (max 3000 mm) - NC/ NC-SN standard 10 – 550 x Unlimited times - NC/ NC-SN Extended 10 – 950 x Unlimited times
Crop lenght 60 + α (NC)  20 + α (NC-SN) α= Cutting lenght
Hydraulic systemy 3HP -4P Pump, working pressure 35 kg/cm2
Colling system 1/4HP, Water pump, Automatic coolant circulation
Total power 6,4kW 9kW -
Waga kg 1560 1600 1650 1700
Wymiary DR standard 2310x1100x1850 NC standard 2200x1200x1900 DR extend 3050x1100x1850 NC extend 2600x1200x1900

(*) For cutting lenghts over 500 m m, it is recomended to add an output table (RTO)


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